As the Capital of Chile, Santiago is a World Class city, offering opportunity, entertainment and modern comforts.


    Founded in 1541 by Pedro de Validivia, Santiago is rich with historic buildings and neighborhoods waiting to be explored.


    Urban life with plenty of open parks. Many varieties of outdoor activities are posible in this large and amazing city.


    Santiago´s system of mass transportation is known as the Trans-Santiago. It utilizes state of the art transport systems to make movement about the city easy and safe.


    Everything you expect to find in stores of first world countries can be found in Santiago. All the major brands and chain store you have come to know and love.

Santiago, Chile’s capital city counts a population of more than 6 million inhabitants. It is located in the Central region in a valley close to the Andes, all of it surrounded by mountains. Santiago has become one of the top cities for business opportunities. Santiago has gained a reputation because of its quietness, neatness and high standard life style; traits that are valued by all kind of visitors world wide.

A Modern Cosmopolitan City

Santiago is a leading city in Latin America in a series of social, economic and environmental factors. Santiago is the most competitive city in Latin America and has been recognized as the third best in life quality standards. It is also the third safest city in South America and the 53rd city with the highest income in the world with a GDP (PPP) of USD 91,000 million in 2005 and an estimated $ 290,000 million by 2020.

The economy of Chile is ranked as a high income economy by the World Bank, and is considered the most stable and prosperous nation in South America, leading Latin American nations in competitiveness, income per capita, globalization, economic freedom, and low perception of corruption.

History and Culture

Santiago is a city full of culture and life, features that can be noticed while walking through the streets, highlighting the old town as one of the most representative neighborhoods.

The cultural offer in the capital is booming like never before. Whether street theater or classical; rock, pop and Latin American music: every day is plenty of activities to enjoy in Santiago.

Parks and squares are ideal places to discover the city and enjoy emblematic green spaces that symbolize the city vision of those who participated in its design and construction since the nineteenth century.

Personal Safety

Be sure that Santiago is one of the safest places to travel within Latin American countries. As a visitor, you can move freely and without major concerns throughout the city.

No extraordinary precautions are needed, however, just like any big city, you should avoid marginal neighborhoods in order to be safe..

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