South American Organization


SAO-Education is a partnership of two experienced consulting groups (Grupo-TQS and The Brokers Inc.) with the purpose to offer foreign students higher education in Chile.

SAO Education


C&S S.A. Group has as its objective to promote strategic associations among Latin America, Asia and Africa; providing collaborative bonds in the academic world. This should allow building strong nets that will improve students’ mobility, investigation, knowledge development, technical and industrial innovation; all of which will create and strengthen new market.

Our world is constantly changing and offering great new chances to make possible a multicultural interchange. Every day we are able to be part of global corporations which allow us to work in a cooperative environment, helping us to develop personal and or organizational encounters.

C&S S.A. Group is inviting you all to be a part of this new interactive world. Accepting this challenge will turn in new future projects which consider educational mobility, access to Science and technology and of course, business. Knowledge is an unstoppable highway and its constant renewal is a fundamental tool.


Our goal is to create and promote strategic associations between students’ mobility, industry and new markets.


To really expedite encounters in order to build collaborative networks considering aspects such as academic, research, engineering, technical innovation, industry and knowledge.

SAO Education
SAO Education
SAO Education
SAO Education

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